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03 October 2007 @ 07:44 am
Definitions and 24/7  

I heard today from my slave on what her 24/7 TPE slavery group was discussing. It was the subject of what 24/7 means that piqued my interest. Now here are some of the ideas her exclusive group proposed for what is 24/7 TPE slavery.

 *  Someone who feels in her heart that she is owned no matter what her actual connection to her Master (online/offline/never met/living together) is 24/7
 *  Then there is the one who said at least a daily involvement by phone with her Master was 24/7.
 *  Another person said as long as she has met her Master once upon a time the first definition holds, but not otherwise.
 *  Another said people who meet the Master for tea or play once in a while were 24/7 if one of the above holds true.
 *  And there are others...

Now here is how I see it. Let's take an example of a horse first. This horse lover buys a horse and the previous owner whispers to the horse it's now owned 24/7 by a horseman... Is that horse now owned 24/7 though it is never ridden, never brushed, never handled, or walked by it's new owner, can it feel owned or Mastered in any way 24 hours a days 7 days a week?
Or let's go back to the original dictionary / historical idea of slavery... If I go to the auction block or send my man there and we pick out a slave and successfully bid high. Now she's mine. ok. But now we leave the slave standing there unshackled (maybe even put a collar on her neck) and come back to the plantation but the slave knows she has been purchased and is a slave. So is she 24/7? What if I have the slaver call me and put her on the line everyday. And I say," brush your teeth." and she replies, "Yes, Master." Now she is 24/7 right? Not in my mind. How is my plantation benefitted from her purchase?
Well, let's say she comes to visit the plantation every now and then... And we chat or she picks a few peaches in the field for a day a month. Now is she 24/7? Get real.

You can probably see what I consider 24/7 slavery here. If she isn't on the plantation being used and made use of or trained and controlled, she isn't a slave even in the remotest definition of the term. Unless she is serving the house under the roof, she isn't 24/7. Period. If I don't see my slave out in the fields picking tomatoes, she i going to be punished for derilliction of duty. 
In my opinion that a girl feels she is a slave 24/7 does not make it so.. any more than my feeling rich as Bill Gates can get me a new limitless credit card to spend at the store. These are my thoughts. Disagree? Can you site reasoning?

Somaticus: aggravatedaggravated
donsgurldonsgurl on March 24th, 2008 10:20 am (UTC)
That all makes perfect sense to me. In our understanding of how tpe/24-7/cnc works, there must be a common life together, shared living arrangements, and everyday interaction that reaffirms and lives-out your dynamic together.
piinkfaeriepiinkfaerie on June 14th, 2008 07:03 pm (UTC)
I agree. I could not feel like a 24/7 sub to an online master. I feel 24/7 means exactly as it is, 24/7. Living together, serving your master day and night. Anything less than that would leave me very unfulfilled.