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17 February 2012 @ 11:08 pm
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy  
Well, I took angel for 20 sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and it was one session each weekday.

She had to get there by 12:30 PM and strip and put on a gown (only special cotton clothing is allowed in the chamber) and make sure all makeup and hair spray type stuff is gone. No paper or any type of combustible is allowed either.

They had her climb up onto a stretcher on wheels and hooked up EKG and ground leads to her and gave her an air mask. They checked her ears with an otoscope and measured her BP and heart rate. Gave her 2 sippy cups of ice water and slid her into a 7ft long 3ft wide acrylic cylinder. Then they shut the door and sealed her in.

At first the oxygen flow was started to flush out the room air, then they started pressurizing the chamber. At first she went through difficulties getting her ears to adjust. So, we had to get her a unilateral myringotomy - where they cut a tiny hole in her tympanic membrane and insert a very small self retaining tube. She was pressurized to a depth of 2 atm. approximately the depth of 120 ft of water. This was carried out slowly at the first few treatments, only a few mmHg per minute.

Then she had 1 1/2 hours of breathing the pure oxygen pressurized atmosphere. She was given 2 five minute breaks where she put on an air mask to breath normal air (at 2 atm pressure). They said that otherwise she might have experienced oxygen toxicity. During this time she got to watch TV on a monitor above the clear chamber - and could hear the sound in the chamber. The EKG wires ran though the shell of the chamber and were picked up outside on a monitor printer.

After the 1 1/2 at pressure the begin to lower the pressure and eventually when she is a 1 atm (normal pressure) they roll her back out. Then she gets dressed and we come back home.

She's usually hungry afterward to we go to AMC cafeteria and get her chili-cheese covered fries. :) And sometimes something else, too.
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